It had been 70 days since Sam and the Triple R Racing team had seen competition laps and they faced a doubleheader with 51 laps per race. They went in with goals that they refused to not complete. The first of those goals came after Sam’s first race ended early due to a wreck leaving the car unrepairable for the second. Their first goal was to finish both races. Sam set the second for the team saying that he wanted at least one top 10.

Qualifying with the cars that were there proved the talent level the field would present. With seven former track champions in attendance, Sam wasn’t intimidated, he was determined. He qualified 16th in a 27 car field. After some initial “shaking off the rust” and getting a feel for the field, Sam started to move forward. He made his way up to 12th when a caution came out. On the restart, he was lined up on the outside and couldn’t find a hole to get down. He would shuffle back to 15th. He fought his way back up to 14th and would finish there. He sat with the team post-race and talked strategy and how they could improve for the next race.

For the second feature, Sam wasn’t in one of the invert positions, so he started where he finished the previous race, 14th. When the green flag dropped, Sam was on a mission! He had those goals in his head and failure wasn’t an option. Consistently showing that the team’s strategy was working, Sam made his way through the field. He capitalized on restarts and drove smart. He got held up a few times and learned some things for future races. When it checkered flag was displayed, Sam was scored in the 8th position. He and the team set their goals and achieved them.

Now they move on to next week where they have twin 40 lap features. This team has great momentum moving forward. Sam has said his goal for this week is at least one top 5 finish.


Story Provided by Zack Wyatt 3 Aces Media

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